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Emergency Support Services

  • ICAN vaccine forum

  • Pandemic prevention and control expert forum

  • Response, resilience and recovery

  • Mental health lectures and activities

  • Food and nutrition during the Pandemic

  • Overview of available resources for volunteers

Community Support Services

  • Social inclusion and learning for children/ youth/women/girls/seniors events

  • Youth leadership team activity series (e.g. intergenerational interaction)

  • Online learning events for children/ youth/ women/girls/seniors

  • Social wellness/health and hygiene
  • Safety program
  • Information and community support navigation sessions (transportation)
  • Covid-9 recovery plan

Volunteers Skills


  • Covid-19 spread prevention/good hygiene related topics

  • Awareness of mental health-related topics

  • Social inclusion/ culture sensitivity/ diversity awareness

  • Families/ vulnerable populations support

  • Community resources accessibility

  • Life/job search /
    career development challenges

  • Volunteer related competency training

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