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Immigration Community Alberta Network (ICAN) Association 

Chinese Community COVID-19 Emergency Response Support Network (CCCERSN) Project 

This Project is funded by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross. The project aims to support the Chinese community within Alberta by increasing public awareness of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing information and education related to Covid-19 to mitigate risk and impact, support pandemic recovery, and support resilience and prevention.

The project purpose is to design and deliver mental health webinars, online wellness activities, and online social inclusion and learning. The events and services will also include, social wellness events (e.g. fitness and yoga), learning events for Chinese children and youth, parents, seniors , women and girls on mental health education; parenting, food security and safety education, plus community support navigation information, tutoring supports for youth and children who are staying at home for online schooling and social inclusion events (e.g. multicultural social events).

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Chinese Community COVID-19 Emergency Response Support Network Project

Emergency Support Services
  • ICAN vaccine forum

  • COVID-19 prevention policy and measures

  • COVID-19 Prevention and Control Professional Webinar

  • Response, resilience and recovery

  • Mental health lectures and activities

  • Food and nutrition during the Pandemic

  • Overview of available resources for volunteers

Community Support Services
  • Social inclusion and learning for children/ youth/women/girls/seniors events

  • Youth leadership team activity series (e.g. intergenerational interaction)

  • Online learning events for children/ youth/ women/girls/seniors

  • Social wellness/health and hygiene
  • Safety program
  • Information and community support navigation sessions (transportation)
  • Covid-9 recovery plan

Volunteers Skills Training
  • Covid-19 spread prevention/good hygiene related topics

  • Awareness of mental health-related topics

  • Social inclusion/ culture sensitivity/ diversity awareness

  • Families/ vulnerable populations support

  • Community resources accessibility

  • Life/job search /
    career development challenges

  • Volunteer related competency training

Volunteer with us

We are actively looking for volunteers, instructors and donations to the COVID-19 Emergency Support Program. Contact us to learn how you can participate!

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Funded by the Government of Canada and Canadian Red Cross