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温馨提示 - 如何预防新冠 How to prevent Covid-19

Updated: Mar 12, 2021






How to prevent the Covid-19

The City of Edmonton is still posing a high risk and new cases of COVID-19 are showing up. We sincerely recommend that everyone reduce travels and strictly implement the social distancing rules and follow the disinfection protection measures suggested by the government of Canada. Please make sure to adhere to the following guidelines for the safety of yours and your loved ones:

1. Develop good habits such as: washing the hands frequently; covering the mouth with your elbows or tissues while sneezing or coughing; wrapping your mouth and nose secretions in a tissue or spit in a tissues and dispose it in a covered trash can; do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes with hands; Use disinfectant to wipe all items that may be contaminated.

2. Reduce unnecessary trips, especially long-distance ones, and avoid taking closed space public transportations, elevators, cruise ships, and airplanes as mush as possible. Avoid participating in crowded activities or going to indoor places with poor ventilation.

3. When meeting people, keep a distance of 1-2 meters and do not shake hands or hug.

Host: ICAN Association

Funded by: Government of Canada and Canadian Red Cross

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