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ICAN COVID-19 CCCERSN Project Impact Stories Sharing I

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


This project is funded by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.


Story 1:

I heard about this opportunity from my family. They have online activities every day, from Monday to Sunday. The arrangement of the events is balanced and considerably organized . Weekday events were usually around one to an hour and half long and intended to involve physical activities, cooking, dancing, or tutoring. Weekend events were longer, around 2 to 3 hours, and include online python learning, psychology lecture, and COVID-19 informative lecture, etc.

I have joined many online activities and those activities were helpful and brought me a lot of fun during the pandemic. I participated in Python online learning, elementary school math tutoring, watercolor drawing, mental health matters, mental health support , Chinese traditional dancing, job hunting skills, and all the volunteer trainings. Volunteer training activities were provided to all volunteers, and also were announced in all the WeChat groups and welcomed all people to join. The trainings included how to use Zoom, how to make Google form, how to make a poster using basic graphic design skills, and how to create a WeChat official account. Those are valuable and useful skills for me because I am a freshly graduated person who needs more skills to equip myself for a job. Those activities were informative, useful and gave me confidence and skills to face the challenges during the pandemic.

All those experience helped me to become a stronger candidate and I have made friends as well. I was very lonely and depressed when I just graduated. I lost most of the social contact and rarely communicated with people. The job hunting and the pandemic stressed me out. After joining the ICAN Association COVID-19 support activities, I found myself becoming happier and more satisfied than before. I used my time efficiently and made friends through communicating online. I feel thankful and I appreciate this opportunity because it brought me a priceless mental support. Thank you!



Story 2:

It has been a great journey and learning experience for me.

As a program participant, I am amazed by the programs and services offered by the ICAN association in such a short period. With all the social gathering restrictions, those online programs provided a space where people could exchange stories and support each other.

As a program volunteer, I enjoyed learning about the Zoom settings, moderating sessions and helping other volunteers hosting webinars and I can use all the learned skills at work as well. Most importantly, it was great to virtually meet other volunteers with the same passion.

My favorite events include 'Covid-19 vaccine forum', 'The impact of Covid-19 on Chinese communities in North America' and 'Job application tips and tricks'!



Story 3:

Chinese Community COVID 19 Emergency Response Support Project

The COVID 19 has been impacting everyone’s life. For me I lost my job during this pandemic period. I was feeling sad and depressed due to the joblessness and stress from life.

ICAN initiated and hosted lots of community support activities online that were very supportive to me to overcome the feeling of depression. I participated in about 70% of the online virtual sessions from mental care, Job searching lesson, Python Computer language lesson, Virus information sessions etc.

Especially the mental care session and job searching sessions were excellent that helped me a lot.

I benefited and got encouraged from the ICAN hosted sessions to recover my wishes to face the reality and move forward for a better future.

I would sincerely appreciate ICAN for providing kindness and helpful sessions to lighten our life ahead during this tough time!


--Mr. Evan



Host: ICAN Association

Funded by: Government of Canada and Canadian Red Cross


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