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ICAN COVID-19 Project

Volunteer Structure

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  • Keynote Speakers

  • Mental Wellness Support Volunteers

  • Event Host/Coordinator Volunteers

  • Marketing Volunteers

  • IT Support Volunteers

  • Cross-Generation Volunteers

  • GeneralVolunteers

Volunteer Groups and Task Description

  • Team leaders: To build/lead/supervise each of the following groups, communicate with the project management team, particularly the Project Manager & Volunteer Director, coordinate and follow-up with their team members. 

  • Keynote Speakers: Including instructors, consultants, mentors in all related areas that can provide lectures, consultations in helping to cope with COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Mental Wellness Support Volunteers: To assist and /or support the needs of mental health and wellness in relation with COVID-19. 

  • Marketing Volunteers: To help search for keynote speakers, promote and distribute event advertisements (messages/flyers/posters/web links/) and interact with people in Question & Answer session in WeChat groups and other social media.

  • Event Host/Coordinator: To host/run Zoom events/activities on schedule, interact with speakers and audiences during Question & Answer session, ensure successfully achieved event’s goals.

  • IT Support: To collect data, integrate database, design event posters/flyers, and edit articles or publications.

  • Cross-Generation Volunteers: To interact with seniors in Zoom, WeChat, or other platforms.

  • General Volunteers: To deliver PPE in need, backup/emergency replacement for the above.

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Funded by the Government of Canada and Canadian Red Cross

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