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ICAN COVID-19 CCCERSN Project Impact Stories Sharing II

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


This project is funded by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.


Story 4:

I have had sleeping problems and spine pain for almost 10 years. This year the ICAN association hosted lots of programs, and I chose two kinds of them, Yoga and Taichi. When I finished Lily Yun’s Yoga first class, I felt the whole body relaxed, especially the Yoga class let us focus on breath and concentrate our mind. Every morning when I get up my body is stiff and my shoulder and back are frozen. The Taichi class can stretch my whole body and massage my every cell. I feel so peaceful and comfortable, day by day my sleep is getting better and better. Thanks to the ICAN association, hopefully Yoga and Taichi willi have routine class!!

--Ms. Liu

Story 5:

With the worldwide pandemic going on for over a year, and like many people being at a high risk, I feel worried , scared, depressed, and isolated, not knowing how long the pandemic is going to be and when life could go back to its normal again! Thanks to the government of Canada and Red Cross that sponsored this program, I feel I'm gradually coming out of the box of isolation. With the variety of activities, I'm able to meet other people online, attend different forums and learn about how to protect myself against the virus, and know more about relaxation and the effect of mind setting on sleep. I believe physical activities like dancing, Baduanjin, Yoga and so on are helping me to build up my immunity to protect myself from risk of getting the virus. I feel very grateful to the government and Red Cross, who have made all these activities possible for us!


Story 6:

Thank you ICAN association for organizing these great activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel so lucky to have these experienced professionals to help our Chinese community during this time. Because of the COVID-19 we can't get together with friends and relatives, we can't travel, go to the gym, swimming pool and church. However, CCCERSN free online training (ex Yoga, Zumba, Singing, mental health, etc.) brings many of us back into the community. It helps us work together, talk together and we don't feel alone anymore. These CCCERSN activities not only help us keep being physically healthy but also make us being mentally healthy in this special time. Thank you ICAN association!


Story 7:

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, we follow the government’s regulations and try to not to go out and bring trouble to others.

But, the previous social activities are no longer possible. Staying at home will inevitably cause us to feel lonely and helpless.

Through the ICAN community, anti-epidemic activities such as understanding the current situation of the pandemic and the precautions for the arrival of the vaccines through lectures have benefited us retired people.

There are also many fitness activities: dance, yoga, eight jingduan, painting, etc.

So, our elderly got physically and mentally healthy, and we also knew the current news without going out during this pandemic time.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers, experts and teachers for their selfless contribution.



Story 8:

I used to join in the activities of the Tianjin Association frequently and I looked forward to seeing everyone happily gathering together every time.

A sudden epidemic disrupted everyone's lives, and all social group activities were cancelled. I had nothing to do everyday, and just watched the increasing infection numbers on my phone as my mood got lower and lower, and the distance between people began to worsen.

Everytime I had a little sick or cough, my heart becomes uneasy. Negative emotions were like nuclear bombs, that turned into negative thoughts, disturbing the peace at home.

At the same time, the Tianjin Association began to do some remote events online. I hadn't used a computer for a long time, and felt it was a burden to download Zoom.

But with more and more activities, my daughter downloaded Zoom to my phone, and after a brief introduction, I entered zoom and started to participate in some activities.

Everyone got better and better after they learned a lot of knowledge and also how to reduce stress.

I also participated in volunteer work and took out a computer that I had not used for a long time. I was basically a computer blind before, and my daughter patiently taught me Zoom and screen sharing. I started the hosting volunteers of events with unconfident

The first time I hosted an event was particularly stressful-- there was a problem with the computer and voice, there was noise in the speech, or the volunteers in the group are substitutes. The other volunteer had to replace my job.

The second time I hosted an event, I checked the computer’s video and audio settings in advance. After many events, I became familiar with the application and understood everyone's needs.

Because of the joy this brings me, I finish my housework in advance to arrive on time. I do my housework before every event, join the event on time, study hard with the teacher, communicate with the teacher in advance if there is a problem, and hope that the activity can continue.

The activity changed me. I spend time to dress up every day hoping to spread a positive attitude to others, my state is getting better and better, and the mood at home became more relaxed and happy.

Occasionally I followed the activities to cook some food and my home has become warmer.

Thank you Tianjin Association for building this platform and thank you for the ICAN event!


Make life at home easier during the epidemic.



Host: ICAN Association

Funded by: Government of Canada and Canadian Red Cross


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